KTVR Preparing Data

Introduction to 3D Slicer and Exporting an MHD and RAW file

A quick introduction to the 3D Slicer workspace, a brief summary of DICOM data and volume rendering and a demonstration of how to export MHD and RAW files.

Resizing an MHD and RAW file with MHD Resizer

A demonstration of MHD Resizer, a Python code that will quickly resize your data if necessary so that it imports into Unity.

Cleaning 3D scan dataset in 3D Slicer

A demonstration of how to use Slicer’s segment editor to clean noise from a dataset. N.B the SegmentEditorExtraEffects plugin must be installed.

Exporting an MHD and Raw file from 3D Slicer and creating a color transform xml with MHD Colour Transform

A demonstration of exporting an MHD and RAW file from 3D Slicer and creating a Colour Transform.xml